Online Fundraiser August 22 - August 27, 2016
Break the Silence - Stop Family Violence
Every auction is for the benefit of all victims of violent crime and families in crisis!

Our Auction Sponsors

I Woke Up Inspired

Thank you I WokeUp Like for hosting this amazing SALE to benefit FRC. Dr. Yonette Harris, has decided to give back to FRC because our community simply cannot do without support!

Emocean Healing Arts

Emocean Healing Art and Yoga ~ From the Heart of the Ocean!

Massage & Yoga Therapy

Virgin Islands Social Media

Dedicated to helping your business grow. The core concept of social media is sharing. That’s what people do. Facebook Page

Beach Gurl Designs

Inspired from the love of the ocean my goal is to give leather and pearl jewelry a chic & modern makeover that has been long overdue. Beach Gurl Designs